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In the Pursuit of Happiness

“Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.” ~ Jim Rohn Too often we miss the moments in our lives that lead to the ultimate goal. Working with different personalities gives me perspective … Continue reading

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Stress in life is inevitable…how we deal with it is our choice. Crows looking into our house through the skylight after watching the movie The Birds ~ stress becomes a photo opportunity. Have a safe Halloween and beware of the … Continue reading

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Success is a journey with multiple peaks and not just one pinnacle.  The challenges and setbacks are all part of our journey to success…

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Sharing & Creating Holiday Memories

With the wealth of experiences older people have to draw from, reminiscing can provide personal pleasure for them, interesting details for their families, and an outlet for communication during the holidays. Enjoy the stories that are sparked from simple pleasures … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Nostalgic

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Memorial Day Weekend Camping

Memorial Day Weekend sparks vivid childhood memories of  camping trips, yes ‘camping’ in the wilderness – primitive camping.  Lake Isabella, Sequoia National Park, and my all time favorite Riverside Campground in Big Sur California kicked off the beginning of our … Continue reading

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Passion and Enthusiasm

Surround yourself with people who are excited about something you are interested in online and off.  Find mentors who have passion and enthusiasm.  This is so important, especially if you are not as enthusiastic about the steps ahead. The excitement … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo ~ Illumination Illumination revealed the hazardous conditions which  illumination illuminated.

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New Year Resolve – Get Organized aka Less Clutter

As I resolve to get organized, I’ve discovered I’m inundated by a plethora of useless ewaste. There are so many great blogs to help get organized; don’t shy away from calling in the ‘experts’ if you can’t release the clutter … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo – Resolve

RESOLVE to Zumba for a Cure!

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