Spending During the Holidays

Tis the Season for gifts and spending…be careful!

Bad money-management habits, especially during the holidays often affect people’s relationships with others. Conflicts over money can cause stress in families and marriages. Disputes about money are among the leading causes of divorce.  Try not to go into debt during the gift buying frenzy of Christmas commercialism.

A good way to make the right spending decisions is to develop goals and shopping objectives.  Better yet, invite your friends over for a nice warm cup of cocoa instead of giving him an expensive gift you’ll regret when the credit card bill comes in January.

Cheers to spending less and celebrating more during the holidays!

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10 Responses to Spending During the Holidays

  1. Denise Webster says:

    I love this post Teri! The holidays is about family and sharing time with those you care about not how much money you spend on them. Give of the heart this year! Love what you shared!. Denise Webster

  2. Rebecca says:

    This is powerfully good advice Terri. I’d rather share time with family and friends than be stressed about debt. Steals all the fun and enjoyment of the holiday. Not that I don’t mind buying and making gifts. Seems the greatest is from the heart!

  3. Thanks Rebecca…I love your comment “Steals all the fun and enjoyment of the holiday”…so true! The debt needs to be pinned to our thoughts every time we take out the credit card to help us remember simple pleasures are more affordable.

    • Rebecca says:

      I so totally agree, Teri. I’d rather have less to give and no debt associated with it. It’s then a win win for everyone. I am a retailer and have even refused to add “Bill Me Later” to my payments. I refuse to enable others to ruin their holidays with my help.

  4. Thanks for this advice Teri, a warm cup of cocoa is great even in Jamaica. Not to mention the added bonus of family and good friends.

  5. Helena says:

    Great Advice! Sometimes gifts are overrated and friendship underrated! What is better than a good get-together and sharing stories of the past. Memories are made and can never fade like many gifts…

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