Memorial Day Weekend Camping

Memorial Day Weekend sparks vivid childhood memories of  camping trips, yes ‘camping’ in the wilderness – primitive camping.  Lake Isabella, Sequoia National Park, and my all time favorite Riverside Campground in Big Sur California kicked off the beginning of our summer camping season.

It was on those camping trips that our family worked together as a team to cook over an open flame, hike in the woods, fish and kick back with absolutely no schedule.

If you’re looking for something to experience over the long weekend consider camping.

Strike a Balance and take time to relax, remember those who are no longer with you and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

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6 Responses to Memorial Day Weekend Camping

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  2. Margaret Hogan says:

    Teri you are a girl after my own heart. We might be on opposite sides of the world (me in Australia) but I am never happier, never more contented, never richer than when we camp with our family and friends x

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