“No executive has ever suffered because his people were strong and effective.” ~ Peter Drucker

As a leader, sometimes you hear advice that you don’t want to hear but need to hear.  It took me years to finally listen to my economic development analyst husband regarding finances.  I could have saved a lot of money.  Take advantage of the leaders around you that provide expertise in an area of your weakness.  Having people who know how to make decisions will benefit your short and long term efforts.

Followers tell you what you want to hear. 

Leaders tell you want you need to hear.

Encourage those closest to you to give you advice on the front end.  In other words, an opinion before a decision has potential value.  An opinion after the decision has been made is worthless.    Get advice before you make big choices.  Alex Agase, a college football coach, once said, “If you really want to give me advice, do it on Saturday afternoon between one and four o’clock, when you’ve got twenty-five seconds to do it, between plays.  Don’t give me advice on Monday, I know the right thing to do on “Monday.”

Hindsight is always 20 20!

Equipping 101

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I'm Taking Care of Business and Life via my desktop. I've been a virtual assistant to a variety of businesses over 30 years. On this site I want to share my passion for photography, great business/leadership tips, and ideas for staying healthy and organized.
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