Develop a Personal Relationship with the People You Equip

All good mentoring relationships begin with personal relationships.  As your people get to know and like you, their desire to follow your direction and learn from you will increase.  If they don’t like you, they will not want to learn from you, and the equipping process slows down or event stops.

To build relationships, begin by listening to people’s life stories, their journeys so far.  Your genuine interest in them will mean a lot to them.  It will also help you to know their personal strengths and weaknesses.  Ask them about their goals and what motivates them.  Find out what kind of temperament they have.  If you first find their hearts, they’ll be glad to give you their hands.

~ Equipping 101

About Taking Care of Business and Life

I'm Taking Care of Business and Life via my desktop. I've been a virtual assistant to a variety of businesses over 30 years. On this site I want to share my passion for photography, great business/leadership tips, and ideas for staying healthy and organized.
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