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Persistence and Determination

“Remember this your lifetime through – tomorrow, there will be more to do. And failure waits for all who stay with some success made yesterday. Tomorrow, you must try once more and even harder than before.”  ~ Coach John Wooden

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Maintain good mental health.  Most distractions come from within.  We work at a level of efficiency that is determined by many limiting or facilitation factors: how we feel about ourselves, or past successes and failures, our value system, how we … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo INDULGE

Ever Indulge in blazing wings? INDULGE  in blazing and you might get burned

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

I ask myself, “Would anything terrible happen if I didn’t do this priority item?” If the answer is no, I don’t do it. I cut off nonproductive activities as quickly as possible. I keep small talk to a minimum during … Continue reading

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Book Recommendation

“Resumes That Mean Business”  by David R. Eyler provides the reader invaluable insights into the hiring process, personal skills analysis, and effective skill development endeavors recommended to become competitive in today’s changing job market. I recommend it for anyone serious … Continue reading

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Test Phase

We are constantly in the test phase of our life.  Circumstances, least expected, come into play and we adjust, we find the glitch and move forward adding relationships along the way.   We are not meant to work through the challenges … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo DOWN

 The Water Fall Splashing, rolling, falling DOWN Curving, flowing, calming DOWN

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Put aside the complaining and put that time to work.  Complaining about a problem won’t solve it, stop wasting time whining – it won’t help you solve your problems and keeps you from achieving your goals. I remember when my … Continue reading

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Tell the truth + all the time People lie for many reasons, usually to get what they want with little effort, but what ever your motive is to ‘stealing the truth’, it’s a bad long term strategy. In business and … Continue reading

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People need to be recognized and rewarded for special efforts. You don’t have to give an expensive gift.  What they want is tangible proof that you really care about the job they do.  The reward is just a symbol of … Continue reading

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