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All I Need to Know About Life I Learned From My Guardian Angel

How’s that for a title? My son gave me a picture with this saying years ago and it’s relevant today. Know all the possibilities of your impossible dream. Leave space in your relationships so you’ll have lots of room to … Continue reading

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Live to Play

I noticed my husband’s “Live to Play Old School Athletics” picture and decided that if at 55 he can manage work, 3 boys, my demands and still make time to play baseball he’s doing something right. Each of us contains … Continue reading

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“Most people produce only when they feel like it, Leaders produce even when they don’t feel like it.” ~ Melvin Maxwell

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Start a Team Join a Team Sponsor a Team to find a team near you Philanthropy  “the love of humanity”—love in the sense of caring for, nourishing, developing, or enhancing; humanity in the sense of “what it is to … Continue reading

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After the cover letter and resume have succeeded, it is time to go face to face-maybe voice to voice will come first, in the form of a telephone interview.  Here are some considerations that will help you to make the … Continue reading

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Defiance and Your Time

Defiance, a habitual reaction against perceived authority, comes in degrees.  It often comes from a childhood pattern of seeking negative stimulation.  It also has a productive side “You may not think I can do it, but I’ll show you.”  An … Continue reading

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The Psychology of Time Management/Mismanagement

Mismanaging time can pay off in some rarely revealed ways that many of us unconsciously take advantage of.  Some of us mismanage time to get attention or gain a sense of power.  Mismanaging time also can serve as a way … Continue reading

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